System Benefits   
 Secure Cloud-based Technology
Access your system from anywhere/anytime.  

Integrated Solution
All solutions on a single dashboard.  No longer are the days of a shopping cart system that needs to tie to content management system and integrate with email marketing......having everything in one system means REAL DATA.  See direct results of a promotion from your website, to an email campaing direct to the order - it is all there.
Excellent Customer Service
What does that mean?  Simply, we are here to serve you.  We understand that your business keeps us in business, as such, making sure you are making money means we are here for you. Whether by phone, chat support or email - our customer service team is trained and empowered to solve problems.
Unlimited Training & Support
Unlike other CRM or email service providers, we give you unlimited support.  No need to "purchase" extra support, it is included in your standard monthly fee.  
Free System Feature Upgrades
As we upgrade (and let's face it, technology is always improving), we are not going to make you pay for a newer version - you get all the benefits of any upgrades at no extra fees.  No strings attached.
Multi-Language Support 
Localization is no problem with CommercePromote's systems. Whether you are a global company or simply have customers that speak a different language, our system is fully capable of supporting  any language.