CMS-Manage Your Website   
Manage your website content - it is easy with MenuPromote.
Keep menu's updated, your website content relevant, and weekly specials or events current.  If you can type, you can keep your website content fresh.


Your food menu is the focal point of your restaurant business. It’s your product, your main attraction, and the thing that people base their recommendation on (“You must try the burger at Restaurant XYZ”).

Why have your menu in a bulky PDF file that most users will never download?  With MenuPromote, keep your menu easily accessible for anyone searching.

MenuPromote, makes your online menu part of your core website, accessible from any page.

Are you having a special Tuesday night live music?  Update your website easily.
Happy Hour changes?  No problem, it is easy  to edit your website text. 
Website content is valuable in making your website act as another sales person for you.  Actively encourage online ordering, reservations, whatever your goal - use technology to your advantage to create more revenue.